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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority, especially when using this website and our services. In order to deliver an effective service, we may need to collect, use, store and disclose information that is considered personal. We have created this policy to explain how this is done.

Personal Information

Personal information is usually required when you register or order on our website. In most instances, the requested information is compulsory, and we will inform you if it may be provided on a voluntary basis. In order to provide advice, make recommendations, process orders, administer our service and contact you, we will need information including, but not limited to:

  • Identification: name, surname, date of birth and gender.
  • Contact Details: postal address, email address, telephone or mobile number.
  • Medical: current condition or illness, medical history and allergies.

Technical Information

In order to effectively maintain and manage a website for high performance, basic technical information is sent and received via your internet browser. Similar to most other websites, this is achieved through the use of webserver logs and cookies.

  • Server logs provide important statistics when users visit and use a website. Information may include your browser software, device settings and mainly data on the webpages you visit, time spent per webpage and related information.
  • Cookies are used to provide an improved user experience when browsing on a particular website. It is a small text file stored on your internet browser that is used to anonymously identify you and provide data about your usage of our services. You can always manage cookie preferences and disable this feature in your browser. Please note that you may not be able to access certain portions of our website without allowing the use of these cookies.

Technical information is collected from all visitors and used to identify, understand and monitor use, but also to help maintain security, as described in ‘Protecting Information’.

Protecting Information

We are committed to protecting both the personal and technical information of our users. This is achieved by implementing security protocols and standards to ensure that when browsing, registering or ordering on our website, information is sent and received securely.

Sharing Information

It may be necessary for us to share your information with other service providers, who may have been assigned to assist in the fulfilment of certain services, such as delivery. These third parties will only use the information as directed by us and not for any other reason. In order to comply with the law, information may also be shared for legal purposes in cases of asset transfers, investigations and government requests.


If we need to use your information for any other purpose other than described in this policy, we will notify you. Please review this page regularly for any changes and updates to this policy. By continuing to use this website, you agree that you understand and accept this policy and revisions.